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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
I think its a theory, little different to how a fundy of any religion would see the world being controlled by evile spirits. Im not under the compulsion to believe what he writes unless I think it has merit. Its easy to come up with stuff like that and because you cant see any these things it becomes a matter of faith.
so i'm asking you: do you think it has merit?

Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
I've studied quite a lot of stuff so am not really that impressed by such theories. David Icke did have a drink problem so surely he was at risk of possession too? also, what about all thes forum users who talk about their drug use as if it has opened the doors of their mind? are they open to good or evil and would they know the difference?
i think when people are in the grip of something they don't always realise how under its influence they are until they reflect back on it later

this is the fascinating thing about being emotional creatures
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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