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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
what do you think of this passage from davids book 'the perception deception' p259:

''the entities are electromagnetic beings and they attach themselves to the human electromagnetic field, or auric field, and from there dictate mental, emotional and 'physical' behaviour....These are the same archontic entities that possess those in positions of power in politics, banking, corporations, the media and the military, and so on. They are so heartless-note the term heart-less, devoid of heart energy-because the entities that possess them are heart-less. The archon hybrids have a greater genetic (therefore vibrational) compatibility with the entities and so are much more powerfully possessable than the general run of the population. But it can happen to anyone to a larger or lesser extent and this is why people have to be streetwise to the phenomenon.

Those selected to serve the Control system are possessed by these entities during secret society and Satanic rituals and the symbols of saturn generate the energy field in the temples and rituals that create an energetic conduit for entities to come in. Someone might join the freemasons and think that the rituals are strange and potty, but what they don't know is that they are specifically designed to allow entities to attach to the target and slowly, but surely, their personality begins to change. When it has changed sufficiently and becomes heart-less enough, they go on to be a leading politician, banker and whatever else the secret networks have in mind for them. The general population can be most open to possession at times of extreme depression (and other low vibrational energetic states), and drugs and heavy drinking can seriously open the door, too. So can having sex with a possessed person because the energetic connection creates a mutual field which the entities can cross''
I think its a theory, little different to how a fundy of any religion would see the world being controlled by evile spirits. Im not under the compulsion to believe what he writes unless I think it has merit. Its easy to come up with stuff like that and because you cant see any these things it becomes a matter of faith.

I've studied quite a lot of stuff so am not really that impressed by such theories. David Icke did have a drink problem so surely he was at risk of possession too? also, what about all thes forum users who talk about their drug use as if it has opened the doors of their mind? are they open to good or evil and would they know the difference?

So what are the defence mechanisms that provide protection against such invasions? I would be interested in those.
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