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Default some more things to consider

I used to put garlic and onion in almost EVERYTHING I made, especially garlic. I love the taste of those oven roated cloves yum yum. Anyway when I decided to stop eating it for a month then resumed, I realized a few things.

1. onions seem to overwhelm your tear ducts and can make slicing them up quite miserable. Why? If onions are good for us, why should it have this effect, as if our body were trying to get poison out of its system?

2. cutting garlic or onions in the kitchen seems to contaminate EVERYTHING smell-wise. Can't get the smell out of my fingers, or the cutting board, or the countertop where a piece fell, or the washcloth that I used to clean the countertop afterward. The only way that smell seemed to truly go away is after mulitiple washings. I almost felt like it "ruined" some of my washcloths because I couldn't get the smell out after cleaning up with it. So in the OP, Robert Beck mentions that it permeates your whole body rather fast, to where you can smell it on your hand if you apply it to your foot.

3. Garlic can burn you. Why? If it is good for us, why would it burn and blister our skin from direct application?

4. Why do we reek (body odor and breath) after having garlic for one night? I did not notice this so much until I stopped eating garlic then had it once. It was so gross, I didn't want to even be around myself .

edit: 5. Garlic and onion is used in almost all seasonings for junk foods and processed foods. You realize this when you want to try abstaining for garlic for a while. It's in BBQ sauce, salad dressing, most kinds of dipping sauce, taco seasoning, teriaki sauce, alfredo sauce, spaghetti sauce, used to season meat, fried batter, etc. etc. I would say the average American gets huge doses of garlic just eating crap processed foods and restaraunt food. Surely this is an "inferior" form of garlic, since it is processed. You can still taste it though, and it can still make you smell really bad. Just food for thought.

My point is that these things do not seem characteristic of a food that is BENEFICIAL for us healthwise. I am interested to hear what other people think of these things.

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