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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
Everything that person said about garlic and onions, is complete rubbish.

Garlic and onions have a cleansing and protecting effect for dark energy. It
disempowers darkness in some instances

Pot kettle black.....

How pray tell does garlic disempower darkness?

I know they're called garlic BULBS but they don't help you see in the dark budski.

You talk a lot of what some people might call 'rubbish' yourself so don't be so quick to throw that word around.

I think the OP has a point. Like I say, it's hardly a new idea, the idea that onions and garlic has a 'stimulating' effect on the body is not new. But perhaps if one was seeking a meditative and transcending frame of mind physical stimulation would be the last thing you would want.

Get it?
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