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Everything that person said about garlic and onions, is complete rubbish.

Garlic and onions have a cleansing and protecting effect for dark energy. It
disempowers darkness in some instances, so if there is a temple that forbids
garlic or onion, then that means that temple is using dark energies in their
rituals. If there is a reiki healer or shaman warning about garlic, then they
are involved with negative, dark energy practices.. OR they just don't know
any better.. they were told by someone and they believed it blindly.

If your intentions are loving, then garlic and onion can be used to empower
your psychic abilities of healing and cleansing, as it helps to prevent dark
energy from messing with you.

So for those who thrive on darkness, garlic is bad news, for those who thrive
on love and healing, garlic is very helpful. This is probably also where the
myth about vampires being allergic to garlic comes from, since garlic has a
great weakening effect on those that use dark energies.

Point is, don't trust anyone who says garlic weakens your abilities, because
he is most likely involved with dark energies and black magic. If you have
love in your heart, if you want to heal rather than cause suffering, then
garlic will empower your psychic abilities, rather than weaken them.

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