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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
Deadly nightshade is a natural vegetable too. Still has an effect on your health.

You're missing the point. Most cheese isn't particularly processed either. We're not talking cheese spread here, or cheese flavoured crisps.. Milk too. It's not a particularly 'processed' food stuff.
Yeh deadly nightshade, the clue is in it's name, deadly.

No I'm not really missing the point you are with regards to what I meant by processed.

Not processed as in chicken nuggets or hamburger cheese, even tho it does mean the same, i mean processed as having been through a proces which changes it from what it was originally.

All milk unless you drink it from the cows teet is processed, Cows Milk is not supposed to be ingested by humans anyway, so am surprised this is in that diet. Whereas garlic and onions isn't.

All cheese is processed, it's been through a process to make it cheese from milk, changed from what it was originaly, again it's 'COWS' milk so not supposed to be ingested by humans.

bread even if you bake your own is processed, the wheat has been changed from it's natural state into flour so is processed.

This is what reiki teaches to try and avoid processed foods, such as bread, pasta, milk....

Hindu's DO NOT avoid garlic and onions. India is a mainly Hindu country and invented the curry, have you ever had or heard of a curry with no onions or garlic in it? India is one of the most spiritual countries on the planet yet they live off garlic and onions.

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