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[GMV] Radioactive

Watching The Wheels - John Lennon

hmmm looks like he was some kind of witness.

that explains a lot about the drugs. n has to do with christian, redemption, throw self sacrifice. Like Priest wiping him self for the sin's of other.......

I get the impression that some one he was close with. Or he loved or high respected friend may have put it to him. In abouts that way only in stead of sin of another. its was sins of the world. It would of end like this. You can not fix every thing John.

Someone he was with or a very closest friend or th love of his life. may heard him say something like this ; At times' you know it feeling. I am not writing the music. In fact it was him but.... maybe he got a little help from friends.

John Lennon - Imagine

1 or both parties may have expressed. When they getting back together. probably both agreed. an expression some kind of intervention. I would describe as getting home in order. a choice between life an death maybe.

If John wiped his ass with money. It would not be, because he had more money then God. It would be because it was unclean. an that where n how it should be used.

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