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I did a double take when I walked by this bottle in the liquor store:

I was pretty surprised to see this '667'. Seems like that is the number of the Scarlet Woman, which would be the feminine portion of the alchemical marriage, according to my current understanding of Crowley.

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Then, I decided to google "Crowley's New Comment" and got a link to AL The Comment called D, which appears to be a commentary on The Book of the Law by Crowley.

From :
"5. Mission of Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666. I The Beast, the Man Aleister Crowley whose number is 666, help to show forth this truth to men."

"15. Mission of 666 and his woman. Her Nature & Office. She is the Scarlet Woman, Η ΚΟΚΚΙΝΑ ΓΥΝΗ, 667, as he is ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ, The Great Wild Beast 666. I, The Beast 666, am called to shew this worship and send it forth into the world; by my Woman called the Scarlet Woman, who is any woman that receives and transmits my Solar Word and Being, is this My Work achieved; for without Woman man hath no power. By Us let all men learn that all that may be is their Way of Joy for them to go; and that all souls are of the Soul of True Light. "
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