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Default Sirius, Precession, Freemasonry, etc.

From The Origin and Evolution of Religion by Freemason Dr. Albert Churchward:
"...the circumpolar paradise of the Pole where the Jackal or the Dog was the guide of the ways." - p. 267.
Again, I cant be sure if these means what I want it to mean, but it sounds like the dog star controls the movement of the pole star, which means it controls precession and the Great Year.
"They were originally meant to designate, not persons, but epochs." - p. 295. Talking about the Patriarchs of the Bible.
We heard this from Steinmetz, as well.
"The drama appears as tremendous in the Book of Revelation, because the period ending is on the scale of one Great Year. It is not the ending of the world, but of a great year of the world. The great judgment of all, like the great "deluge of all," was held at the end of the great year of all, in the Cycle of Precession." - p. 313.
The Book of Revelation is about the end of a cycle. I thought that was important.
"In the peculiar system of Buddhism existing in Thibet it is said: "He who does not know the first Buddha knows not the circle of time." - p. 332.

"The incarnations of Buddha were dated astronomically. His coming was indicated by the Messianic Star of Announcement, or prophetic Star of an incarnation, and the birthplace is known by astronomical signs. It belongs to the cycles of time, the ends of which were foreknown and prophesied from the beginning.
"The last of the Buddhas, who is designated "All the Buddhas," is called, like the gnostic Christ, "All things," or Totum; he was the final flower of the whole pleroma perfected, and is described as having advanced hitherward by "making seven steps" towards each of the four cardinal points of the zodiac. Therefore he had travelled the circle measured by the twenty-eight lunar asterisms. This, as we have seen, was the course of the seven Rishis and the seven Manus (who are also known as the seven Buddhas) in fulfilling the cycle and following the path of precession. They are represented as voyaging round in the Ark that makes the circle and the cycle of the Great Year, and Buddha is the manifestor of the pleroma of seven primary forces, faculties, spirits, or gods, which is shown by his symbol of the eight-rayed star, the sign of Assur in Assyria and of the Christ in Rome, and the original Horus in Egypt." - p. 334.
Churchward brings in the Buddha and associates him with precession, the cycle, the divine man, the Messianic Star. Great stuff.
"...the cycle of precession must have been marked down and recorded for at least over 50,000 years before they could form this uranographic picture.
"Thus we see that the seven Manu of the Hindu are indenitcal with the seven Elohim of the Hebrews and the Babylonians, and the Egyptian originals." - p. 340.
Are the Elohim the Pole Stars and therefore a symbol cyclical periods of time?
"In all versions of the seven creations, the creation of man was last; and this is repeated in the seven stations of the celestial heptanomis, because the first seven "ending of times" were totemic, or of zootype forms, and therefore pre-human man had not been imaged until the compounding of the seven into one, which in the Egyptian was the eighth. How many cycle of 25,827 years had elapsed before the one when man was "created" is impossible to calculate. It may have been observed through seven cycles first, and as we know that the Stellar Cult was in existence 600,000 years ago, it is possible that the date would be about 800,000 years ago, when the old Stellar Cult people commenced to reckon time by the observing and recording the precession of the Pole Stars. Man must have been in existence 2,000,000 years before that to attain the evolution that we find. Two cycles of 25,827 years at least must have been observed and recorded before the old Urshi could formulate and blend all the powers of the divinized totemic souls into one of "Man." - p. 343.

"...this symbol with or without the circle, is a Sign of Horus of the Double Horizon..." - pp. 347-8.
That symbol looks like the XX we see in logos. He's called Horus of the Double Horizon. Interesting.
"There was never any one Great Deluge as in the Biblical rendering. There were seven deluges - one at the change of each Pole Star, when it fell down in the Celestial waters and another took its place, once in about every 3,600 years, and one Great Deluge at the end of 25,827 years, when the seventh Pole Star fell and was drowned in the waters of space - all to recommence again. Also at least ten Great Deluges have taken place at each glacial epoch, when the snow and ice have melted." - p. 353.

"...the Cross being a figure of the fourfold foundation on which heaven itself was built." - p. 362.
Like the swastika.
"...the Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Balance, Scorpion, Bowman, Goat, and Waterer..." - p. 373.
The lead character in 2001: A Space Oyssey is named Bowman.
"The glorifying was by descent of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit that was given to Horus and by Him to the disciples in the mystery of Tattu upon the resurrection day, when the God in Heaven called to the mummy Osiris in Amenta, "Come thou to Me," when the two halves of the soul in matter, was transformed to rise again as Horus divinized. This was in the resurrection after death, in baptismal regeneration, or in the Christifying of the Osiris Mummy." - p. 393.[/
So many elements of what I've been saying in this quote.
"The Star, as announcer of the child Horus=The Star in the East that indicated the birthplace of Jesus." - p. 398.

"...a cycle of a Saviour..." - p. 405.
Occult Corporate Logos Summary:

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