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I just saw this while reading an article about how Jimmy Page is upset with his neighbor, Robbie Willliams, because of the constant construction on his house.

The sign on the construction site was for CC Construction. CC=33. Looks very similar to the Comedy Central logo.

When I googled "CC construction," I got a bunch of results. Apparently, there are quite a few construction companies with the name "CC". That's interesting because I heard from someone I know that there are local construction projects called 'Mason jobs' because they only use Masonic construction companies for labor.

C and C Construction and Consulting - Great one. Includes vesica piscis.

Go ahead and google "CC construction." There seem to be quite a few of these. Some of them dont have logos. CC=33. Just a coincidence of course.

These CC's remind me of this other great logo. M's are sideways 3's. MM=33, like M&Ms.
Occult Corporate Logos Summary:

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