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Just watched all videos back to back and I found it very interesting. While of course 99% of information is merely subjective and nothing on is its own can be considered proof of any value, but when you combine all the masses of information from these videos and the thousands of others out there and all the books that contain chapter after chapter of subjective information... You'd have to be a pretty narrow minded sceptic to not agree there's something to all this.

Sadly, some people are so ingrained to their 'seeing is believing' approach that everything else gets dismissed as pure fiction if they haven't seen it. The way I respond to this is by pointing out places of the earth where they've never visited and asking if they believe these places exist.

Personally, I believe these Reptile entities exist however I'm still trying to decide if the controlling elites are reptilians or just controlled by them.

EDIT: Sorry, i forgot to say... Great videos and thanks for posting them.
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