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Default a little reality here..


Originally Posted by mr t View Post
Its already every man for himself, it the society tptb have conditioned us all to live in. But people are too lazy to start a civil war, and they might miss the x factor.

It is my guess you dont live in the States.

We have a different breed here
much maligned in the liberal press,
especially in Europe..

What the liberal media wants y'all to think is that
most American males are beer drunk rednecks with
low IQ's and no personal character,

paraphrasing several posts I have read in this
forum by bigots who are America haters.

weeeel, cousins

our American males, the REAL ones the liberal media never shows you,
who are NOT the " new castrati " ( a RUSHISM ) kneejerking liberals,

are REAL MEN with REAL gonads and REAL guns, bows, and a variety
of armaments you have never seen along with plenty of military tricks
that would spin your mind.

We call it a MILITIA and is guaranteedby our Constitution.
its racially integrated as there are NON WHITES who
cherish our Nation and have the balls to defend it.

to your edification many non WHITES do not see all
that racism Euro liberals want, WANT DESPERATELY,
to believe is rampant in USA.. y'all been sold a bill
of false goods to flame your HATE for Americans .
and you buy it WILLINGLY to feed your need to HATE
and feel superior.

see here:

American Militia Leader James Johnson Speaks to Senate Part 1 of 3


American Militia Leader James Johnson Speaks to Senate Part 2 of 3


American Militia Leader James Johnson Speaks to Senate Part 3 of 3

If your logic is strong enough to stand on its own right, there should be no need to attack the character of the opponent. To the undecided audience, attacking him personally is likely to grant him the appearance of a victim.

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