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I posted this in like October 2106 during the Election, basically it is pointing out that 4 years is not a long time:

I have been talking about the current election since October 22, 2013 (facebook, I even guessed Ted Cruz would run) and March 21, 2014 (forums) and I even made a Facebook group called "Open Carry Day at the RNC" in July 2014 with Nazi images (long before Trump was running and being compared to Hitler. I just saw that neo-Nazi attitude coming from the Tea Party, and wanted to see if they would all take guns to their convention if I invited a bunch of people to do so. I was raised in Texas and I have met the friendly neo-Nazis that just seem like not horrible, freedom loving people until you get deep into their Facebook profile.). I knew that a Woman would be running for president and was really ready for that, I just hoped that it would be someone more charismatic than Hillary Clinton (I even called it back then that they would say she looked sick, or say she was too old, which is not true, but it is an obvious attack) and someone that is not in the same Bloodline as all of our past presidents. Trump and Clinton are actually related, they are like 8th cousins or something (I suggested Kirsten Powers, because she can really debate). But last night Hillary did show that she can definitely beat Trump in debate, which was not a surprise. I have been saying that she would beat Trump in debate since June or July of this year (twitter).

But I figured now is a good time to start talking about who is going to run in 2020, just to see what people think. I personally think that Tulsi Gabbard should run. I wouldn't mind if Bernie ran again, but I never supported him this time because he was very fake about his Revolution. He literally knew Abbie Hoffman personally, but he pretends that a Revolution can be achieved by voting. That is not a Revolution, there is no Revolution without bloodshed. And why is Bernie not talking about ending Corporate Property Rights, etc? That's the Revolution, what Bernie talks about isn't a real Revolution, but I would like to see it turn into a real Revolution. And of course Elizabeth Warren should run, she kind of just bowed her head to Hillary this time. I think Bernie actually ran because Elizabeth Warren didn't run. But if Tulsi Gabbard ran I think she could definitely win and she should definitely run. That's for the Democratic Party.

And as for the Republican Party, that is really up in the air. If Trump ends up winning, the Republican Party is going to be a whole different thing and it will be at least 8 years until any Republicans run again if Trump wins (even if he doesn't win a second term), and if Hillary wins it will be at least 8 years before another Democrat can run (even if she doesn't get a second term). I kind of hope Trump wins, just because it would gin up the left (The Protests and Riots would be fun too) so that they aren't so middle of the road, and then in 4 years a Democrat could run. But Hillary can definitely beat Trump, so it could go either way. But if Trump loses this election, and even if he wins (but if he wins they might become a whole new party, having attempted to build a wall, etc), I am pretty sure we will see Marco Rubio running again, and Ted Cruz. I really don't want to see Ted Cruz run again though. Of course Huckabee is going to run, and we might start seeing people like Megyn Kelly running, which wouldn't be horrible. I think Stephen Colbert started this whole thing where people come out of Television and run for President, and Trump is proving that it can possibly even work pretty well. Stephen Colbert never actually ran though, if he were going to run it would be in this current election. Paul Ryan might also run for President, and that wouldn't be extremely horrible.

But if Trump wins I think we will start seeing a new Republican Party. His kids, at least a few, will probably start running for different offices (probably not president right away), and we will see some really anti-Mexican, anti-Immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-, anti-, anti-, Republicans, just really existing in opposition to the rights of other groups. A lot of racists will feel empowered to start running for office and David Duke won't be such a lonely KKK guy in office anymore.

And the next 4 to 8 years, if Trump wins, are going to be ripe for 3rd parties. So we could see the Libertarians take the GOP or the Tea Party or both (not a great chance, but maybe). Or a whole new party could come out of nowhere. And supposedly Kanye West is going to run, but if he wants to win he really needs to start getting Political, he doesn't have to run for an office yet, but even just being as Political as P. Diddy with the "Vote or Die" campaign, or getting really in to Flint, or the current protests in Charlotte North Carolina, or Black Lives Matter in General, would be a good start if he actually plans on running in 4 years. I'm not sure if I would vote for him, but he needs to start getting Political if he does want anyone to vote for him.

So the person I would want to see run for President the most next time would be Tulsi Gabbard. Then Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie if he actually starts teaching people about the real Revolution that almost happened in the 60s, because there was a real Revolution brewing, that is why the Democrats (the Southern Racist Party at the time) passed the Civil Rights Bills. And I wouldn't mind seeing Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan or Megyn Kelly run for President (I don't think Kirsten Powers is ever going to, she even stopped debating). We really need more people that are outside of the current Presidential Bloodline. We do get to "vote", but we are basically just voting for our favorite Royal Family member. Even Bush and Obama are related, via Cheney (this has been addressed by Obama publicly, and is in Cheney's wife's book), and Trump and Hillary are related (This has been addressed by respected media outlets, I believe the Washington post did an article), and they are all descendants of the evil tax collecting King (King Richard) from the Robin Hood story. We need to end this, and the best way is to pick people to support many years ahead of time.
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