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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
I have the impression that we agree that it would be impossible to descend to the moon, because it’s impossible to slow down enough for a soft landing.

I’ve been thinking about the theoretical possibility of an engine that ignites in vacuum. The first problem I think of is lack of oxygen.
Even if it would be possible to build it in a way to supply the oxygen, I doubt if this could ever do anything besides make the temperature very

The Lunar Module would need huge tanks just to hot
Spam. I explained quite clearly that it was a hypergolic fuelled engine and I gave you the links and engineering details. These engines are mega reliable.

carry the oxygen alone which would increase the mass of the module with additional problems as a result.
I don’t know how much oxygen they would need, but this could very well be the size of the Empire State Building. Do you see the huge tanks on the Lunar Module?
Stupid claim. Hypergolic fuel. The details of the LM engines were given to you so no idea why you need to spam this claim again!

As I recall when you spammed your complete shite before, you ran away because you got your mad claims torn apart!

I urge anyone viewing this thread to look at this response he basically pretends never happened. Look at the flag pole shit!


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Ironic signature. They don't block your posts...but if they DID it would be for spamming shite.

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