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[QUOTE=st jimmy;1063000569]I’m not much of a watcher of long videos (it’s more than an hour)...
Why doesn’t anybody write?!?

I agree it's too long. Having said that I watched about 30 minutes of it and whilst I've basically given up on the so called Moon landings I decides to have a look and will say was impressed with the bits I saw.
Several things stood out... 1: The computing power back then was 1000 times less powerfull than a modern Smart phone and therefore simply not upto the job.
2: The actual cost of the Moon shots came to $130,000,000,000 US.
3: The cost of each individual Moon Buggie was $60,000,000 US. The American jeep had more parts yet cost way less.
4: When the Landing Craft (LC) landed on the surface of the Moon there should have been a large crater underneath it caused by the rocket blast, there wasn't.
5: The mountains inthe background in all shots virtually never change.
6: There was no dust on the LC after it landed.

I have written on here previously that the only thing that we can honestly comment on with any degree of accuracy about these Moon Shots is the camera and film that they supposedly used. Neither of which would be able to work because the temperature fluctuation between day and night would far exceed the working specifications of said apparatus!
And if a company made the first camera or the first film used on the very first moon landing wouldn't you think that the company would have that advertised on every packet of film or every camera they sold?
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