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Arrow Lambs to the Slaughter

The Trench ..
In this hecatomb along the minor rivers of Flanders and Picardy, the British people lost the cream of their working class and the flower of their aristocracy...

British and German wounded, Bernafay Wood..

Ruthless as they were in the killing of others, the generals were also shockingly profligate and callous when it came to their “own.” In some especially revolting passages, we find Gen. Sir Douglas Haig and his arrogant subordinate Gen. Sir Henry Rawlinson actually complaining when British casualties were too low, and exulting — presumably because enemy losses were deemed comparable — when they moved into the tens of thousands...
Perhaps bill could vaccinate the Banking Goy Cartel..
Hollywood is great at making war seem so simple and strait forward. It makes the watcher believe that people kill each other because they are told, because it is kill or be killed, the enemy is hated or whatever. Hollywood tries to make us belieb that all soldiers fire at each other, desperately attempting to hit and kill each other.. While there is some truth in the matter, it is mostly wrong..A look at history might help illustrate what I am talking about..In World War Two, it is a fact that only 15-20 percent of the soldiers fired at the enemy mine..

Sabaton - Primo victoria (Saving Private Ryan) ..

Attack using the strength of another (in a situation where using one's own strength is not favourable).. Trick an ally into attacking him, bribe an official to turn traitor, or use the enemy's own strength against him.. The idea here is to cause damage to the enemy by getting a 3rd party to do the deed... was wearing my Harvard tie.. Can you believe it?. My Harvard tie. Like oh, sure he went to Harvard. .Ya got Jocks to the left of you, Micks to the right.. Thats all you need to know for now...

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