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Default super duper organic resin: pine sap

So, after wandering the hills nearby for a little while, I managed to accumulate enough pine tree sap to mix up a couple of batches of orgonite as an exeriment. I melted the tree sap down in an old pan and mixed in copper, incense powder, some crystal powder and constructed the devices similar to the hhgs found on the web.

I must say that I was VERY impressed with the results. Being sensitive to subtle energies I could feel the energy right away once they were dried, sucking in negative energy around, felt my chakras being clensed, and also noticed my pets hanging out near them within a few minutes.

When I took the first piece outside, I felt a huge pulse go through my hand the second I stepped out my door. There were also a few other positive effects as well that I do not care to post here. This spring I will be conducting more experiments on the effectivness near plants and other uses. The pieces leave a little bit to be desired with respect to the art appeal of them (the sap mostly turns dark brown /black after heating), but the functional effectiveness of them is unbelievable, and am now looking for an organic sealer for the outside (as the pine sap stays slightly sticky). I may try to make some orgonite with poly resin to compare, but with the results of this expirement, I will likely be sticking to organic resin for future construction. I will also be trying a batch made with violin rosin in the future as well. I will post the results of that experiment.

For those of you who do not like chemicals, I recommend this option. Also, the pine sap smells wonderful and adds a subtle aroma in any room where they are present and makes your house smell great when melting it down.

Many thanks to the trees!
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