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Default Cloud busting with orgonite

Originally Posted by banjoreality View Post
you can also use it to rid the atmosphere of negative energy (dead orgone)
I know it sounds nuts but.... if you relax and think nice stuff standing outside, on your balcony or in a park, holding your orgonite, you can influence clouds, it's pretty marvelous, I like to think: what we perceive becomes....
I used to dismiss all this stuff as yuppie new age hogwash, but in the last few weeks the universe has made me eat those words
life is beautiful and we are WINNING.

when the sky is full of chemtrails and shit, I think it means there are lots of sleepy people around, the more people wake up to the fact that we DO create our reality, the more people start using positive energies (orgone, qi, chi, love or whatever you want to call it) the bigger the difference.
It doesnt sound nuts at all. I thought I was going nuts. I had read up a bit on the cloud busting so I stood outside my back door and held up the orgonite and like that just let light and positive energy wash over me. The clouds did seem to move right above where I was holding it up. I kind of shrugged it off but I tried it again another morning. This time I had a friend who witnessed it (who is very open minded but laughed it off) and it was even more dramatic. The sun burst through and it was so well timed that it was just waaayyyy to good to be true but I am most definitely 100% more positive, active, happy and upbeat since it came into my home. I am exercising more, eating better, thinking clearer

Testing it on another of my plants which was looking the worse for wear with all the central heating!!
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