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Originally Posted by antipsychotron View Post
ive been force disconnecting myself for years now. ive found they have "monitoring" all over the brain/head and body. the main points are obvious. but they are dangerous at times to mess with as guessing can get you attacked worse. here is a list of effects ive gotten from trying different things.

Head: i get clicks that i feel and disconnects where voices get interupted but they come back but see less of me

neck: temporal effects in what i was hearing, multiplied voices

shoulders: if you want to shield your lifesigns, find a lotion/soap mix to scatter their read of your heart/brain on shoulders/armpits.

chest: lungs and sinus play a big part of the sound heard and shaping/pinpointing of the sound

stomach: meters medication/chemical with back of neck

sex organs: identifies who you are, can be hurt by stinging pain

legs: access of the psychotronic energy through feet and legs to "harmonize you

be careful in trying to stop them, ive almost died several times by there attacks, but im hear to say 5 years after it started for me that im basicly voice free. its a maze basicly.

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