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Hi everyone, Definitely new at this forum lark , anyway lets go . First time I came across David Ike was in 2012 , I had just installed Netflix , watched a documentary called Zeitgeist The Movie , and found it very informative. From there got a link for things I might like, one of which was David Ike live at Oxford ,so I watched it ,that was it for me I was hooked ,at last I found someone talking about things I thought I was the only one thinking about. I had never heard of David before then, no Wogan show nothing, and ive been listening to him ever since and others of course , you know what its like once you discover something , you cant leave it alone , and so its gone on from there really . Joined this group a year and a half ago now and hoping to make a difference in the world, ( one can only hope ). Any way that's me , don't know how often i'll come on here but thought i'de make a start.
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