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I think that's a pretty astute analysis rab ... I agree with 90% ...

Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
Ben Rich leader of skunk work laboratories gave us some real information. We can take ET home and we do not care where ET came from. If you have seen it in Star Trek we have done it.
What this means is we have traveled at warp 10, interacted with aliens, gotten materials and technology from other worlds, have tractor beams, transporter beams, hand held DEWs, medical advancements, and a whole lot more.
This is also what President Nixon was reported to have said to a high level aid ... "The technology we have is beyond Star Trek "

Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
Now for my complete thoughts on Corey Goode and what is really going on. Everything he has said is possible under the above statements by Ben Rich. I believe he has fallen for propaganda of alien species.
Yes ...We have to understand that most alien groups have an agenda. We must be constantly alert for any misinformation from people like Goode , Parkes or Collier when they are reporting what ETs told them. And Goode is very aware of this , the way he delivers some information is very tentative and he's not fully convinced of it himself, often saying "this is what I was told"....

That said, when Goode reports his own personal life story of working in the SSP it ties in seamlessly with what about a dozen other whistle-blowers have reported . Anyone who has looked at all this testimony can be in no doubt that the Illuminati do have an off world empire with millions of people taken from Earth ... They have traded humans with ETs in exchange for high tech in all areas and have time travel , de-aging tech , anything you can imagine . The cabal are loosing their grip on things, and it is expected these two separate human civilizations will be united, bring to the bulk of humanity paradise ... living in an ageless immortal body , freedom from work , space travel.

Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
The grays were apparently given first line governorship of Earth. They have been watching us for a billion years.
My understanding is the greys are not significant players , not even an ET race.... but synthetic biological body which other ET's use to inhabit (project their consciousness into) when they want to operate here. It saves them the journey, gives them anonymity and removes any physical danger ...

Humanity is the result of a genetic experiment conducted by 22 ET species , including the reps . We are the ultimate physical body!

Originally Posted by raburgeson View Post
Blue Avians and more. Pushing this BS that evolution and spirituality is the way into the future. Reptilians pushing technology as the way into the future. Obviously it is both. The Blue Avians are part of the Sphere Being Alliance. I point out to you that the Sphere .
Yes , the Blue Avians recommend vegetarianism , meditation etc ... what I've been doing all my life anyway before they turned up ... But we must be careful not to turn into jellyfish , we have to be prepared to kick alien butt if needed!... According to AB most ET groups are very nice , but their more enlightened perspective prevents them from interfering with us , as a result, we , and the cabal tend to interact only with the outlaws.... there are 1,000s of different groups taking a keen interest here.

As for tech, I would suggest it's great for making life easier , but don't allow it to intrude into your body (become a cyborg) ...

The Blue Avian material is perhaps the least reliable , particularly the solar flash ... Andrew Bartzis has poured scorn on it!

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