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Default Aliens in General

Alright, pissed by the news today and unloading.

Described in an article a while back. These scientists are blowing up these expensive coils doing research on antigravity. (This taboo subject by government propaganda.) After applying scientific method and blowing up the third coil, the method states that all coils post experiment are going to explode. We have a term for this, mad scientists.

Ben Rich leader of skunk work laboratories gave us some real information. We can take ET home and we do not care where ET came from. If you have seen it in Star Trek we have done it.

What this means is we have traveled at warp 10, interacted with aliens, gotten materials and technology from other worlds, have tractor beams, transporter beams, hand held DEWs, medical advancements, and a whole lot more.

Now for my complete thoughts on Corey Goode and what is really going on. Everything he has said is possible under the above statements by Ben Rich. I believe he has fallen for propaganda of alien species. The grays were apparently given first line governorship of Earth. They have been watching us for a billion years. They admit mismanagement and we supposedly have a new master of this slave planet. During this billion years Earth has failed countless times or did it. Let's look at the supposed agenda of these aliens.

Blue Avians and more. Pushing this BS that evolution and spirituality is the way into the future. Reptilians pushing technology as the way into the future. Obviously it is both. The Blue Avians are part of the Sphere Being Alliance. I point out to you that the Sphere Being Alliance has by Corey's definition planet sized Spherical craft, denoting that they have technology and they are one of the groups pushing this spirituality. The Reptilians on the other hand do not like us. They want the planet. These were allowed to push there agenda on Earth. We have been locked up with them for 50,000 years or more. Meanwhile, the experiments continue. We had it from one species that they were tired of babysitting humans because we make the same mistakes over and over and do not advance. A billion years of failed experiment and still they are doing the same thing over and over. Might be prudent to point out at this time that they too are batshit crazy scientists. So Goode understands the lie at the level he was subjected to. We on the other hand are left with the question if spirituality is the way to the future then why is it being pushed by species that admit they have been at war for a billion years?

We have to shake this crud off along with the crud of the cabal that was produced by meddling aliens and claim freedom of both parties. Then as it has been explained to us we will have to oblige the cabal and pry the hidden science from their cold dead fingers to make that advancement into the future.
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