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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
You just gave me a (not fully fleshed out) thought...

If the 2D world only truly exists in the imagination, or the abstractions, of 3D minds, and the sole purpose for it's creation is to provide a source of inspiration and understanding, i.e. an informational power source, for the 3D world (mathematics, geometry etc.). then...

...doesn't it logically follow that the 3D world is, in some sense, a lower-dimensional 'abstract' creation of 4D minds, created to provide a source of inspiration, understanding and 'power' to minds in that dimension?

Food for thought.

Or should that be: Thought for food ?
OK, so I'll keep rolling with this before I forget my train of thought...

If conscious beings in a 2D world (akin to the Flatlanders of the Edwin Abbot novel Flatland)...

...only exist as abstractions in the minds of us 3D beings (because true 2D space is physically impossible in a 3D world), and conscious 3D beings (i.e. us) only exist as abstractions in the minds of 4D beings, then...

...when we visualise or conceptualise conscious beings in a Flatland reality, they are no less real and conscious than we feel ourselves to be, as manifested visualisations or concepts of a higher 4D mind.

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