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We need a few million people to transition into jobs where they can trade food for shelter and similar. As long as people are working for LLC's, or Corporations and companies that are filed on record at the county office who issued the business a tax ID then the game stays the same.

This is why the NWO beast system have taken down farmers over the last century and replaced the "food" with the processed junk that has no nutritional value. This is how they truly break down humanity and make them overweight and slow, dumbed down (along with other methods of course) and unable to sustain themselves - the NWO attacks farmers/food producers.

Farmers are the true self sustainable need no government to depend on, except when they need a sheriff to protect land or crops. But the sheriff even and local police have sold out to the beast system and no longer protect the farmers. Too many sheriff and police these days are Freemasons and they will only protect their fellow craft brothers when it comes down to brass tacks.

It would take millions of people not working for a legitimate company that takes taxes from your check. I've heard of people claiming exempt on their tax forms and still the gov take money out. So millions would need to find a way to operate outside the system and even still you are going to pay a land tax. Try not paying your land tax and they will send agents to notify you of violation. If you continue to ignore them they eventually summons you to court to battle a sell out judge. Judge finds you guilty of tax evasion and you either pay a fine, go to jail, or lose your land, or all of the above. And then they come and forcefully remove you from the property and confiscate it and sell it at auction.

It would take millions of people standing together against the government and you would be faced with the government's henchmen - police and swat, and their other protectionist rackets. These police and swat protect the beast system because it pays them green paper to which they trade for food and shelter. Find a way around that and you won't have to pay taxes. They've got the human species and this planet on lock down until a HUGE amount of people wake up and stand together, and there will still be a bloody battle if that ever happened. It's easier for people to simply sit on the couch and eat their mcdonalds cheeseburgers, then get up in the morning and go to work, rinse repeat.

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