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Lightbulb Leanne Tiernan

The murder of Leanne Tiernan Born 27 September 1984 was a high-profile English child abduction and murder involving a schoolgirl who was abducted less than one mile from her home on 26 November 2000 while returning from a Christmas shopping trip in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and subsequently murdered.The missing persons inquiry which followed was one of the largest in the history of West Yorkshire Police, involving the search of around 1,750 buildings, underwater searches of thirty-two drainage wells, the draining of a two mile section of canal and the halting of household waste collections...A cryobiology expert was called in to examine the microstructure of Tiernan's cardiac tissue, and concluded that the body could have been kept frozen for some time..A local businessman offered a £10,000 reward for information leading to her safe return, and supermarket chain Iceland printed her picture and details on milk cartons sold at its stores nationwide...
The police immediately began a missing person inquiry, headed by Detective Superintendent Chris Gregg, and a search of the area where Tiernan was last seen was undertaken, although no trace of her was found. As the inquiry progressed, it became one of the largest ever undertaken by West Yorkshire Police, involving up to 200 officers and hundreds of volunteers. More than 1,400 house-to-house inquiries were conducted, 800 houses along her probable route, designated by the police as "Red Route",Detectives also sent text messages to Tiernan's mobile phone which was now switched off, but had briefly been activated on 27 November 2000...Leanne had been wrapped inside nine green plastic bin bags secured with twine, with a black bin bag secured around her head with a leather dog collar, then placed inside a floral-patterned duvet cover...On 20 August 2001 Tiernan's body was found by Mark Bisson, who was walking his two dogs in Lindley Woods, North Yorkshire, 100 yards from where another murder victim, prostitute Yvonne Fitt, had been discovered buried in 1992...FSS examination of the twine showed that it was of a unique type only manufactured by a company in Devon, England. They usually only supplied products to the Ministry of Defence but a small "one-off" batch had been sold to the public for use as rabbit catch nets...Leannes's Ellesse coat and black boots were not found...

DS Gregg announced that the inquiry had now become a murder investigation, codenamed Operation Conifer.Policed called in former SAS tracker "Jungle Eddie" McGee, who had helped track down murderer Barry Prudom in 1982, to identify the killer's most probable route through the woodland.Scientists at the Forensic Science Service (FSS) examined the scarf which had been tied around Tiernan's neck and found a hair caught in the knot which did not belong to her...The yellow cable ties found on Tiernan's body were identified as being manufactured by an Italian company who sold 99% of them to the Royal Mail..The FSS employed an expert in forensic pollen analysis who was able to demonstrate that Tiernan had been in Taylor's garden just before she was killed based on the distinctive types of pollen found in her nasal cavity, on her skin and in her hair...This was subsequently reduced to a minimum of 20 years by The Lord Woolf, then presiding as the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales...At 17.20 Tiernan's mother rang her mobile phone to find out where she was, but the phone rang out for some time and then cut off...mtDNA is a powerful tool for tracking ancestry through females (matrilineage)..Matrilineality is also a societal system in which one belongs to one's matriline or mother's lineage, which can involve the inheritance of property and/or titles...

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