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Originally Posted by jock1056 View Post
Yes i do believe we all have said sensors in us all just we dont remember how to use them,not yet anyway..

Well it's amazing that animals can predict 5/6 hours before an earthquake. Which is an actual fact, but people scratch their heads when someone claims they can do it. It does make you wonder just how conditioned we as humans really are.

I watched a video about a woman who gained all her wisdom through nature after giving up her high life career to settle in the outback of Uruaguay. What she said was so true. If people actually looked at animals behaving in nature it would be your best guide to actually live your life to the core of your being. Watching how animals fly and flow in synch with each other is pretty amazing. But we all take it for granted. We assume animals are stupid. But I've always believed man was the most unintellegent race on the planet. Cus if a catcylsm did happen most of us would perish instantly. It's real wake up time for us.

I think this is really it folks, it's natures call!

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