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Default 54-40- Ocean Pearl-

You peaple who are anti Co, G-Club and NWO are really full of chit, you never look passed your own noses.

Peaple on this site are achiving the Greatest things in history, know to man kind. and there handed this out freely like candy to children running muck, in the garden of eden.

Yet while this is happening, these peaple need to eat they need to pay bills rent, they need equipments, places to store and show this. Thats called a bussiness, now where that bussiness get it moneys, is and open play ground.

Where should some one like this person, look for these funds, to keep him self going.

This is a Email reply I made to a friend. in reguards to this subject.

One the biggest problems lack of meaningful work, and that pays well enough to live off. I know you will do great, at what ever you do. With Google it will be % of proceeds.

DONT get locked down by corporation contracts, or long term deals. Get in get out, get what you want, and move on.

As side note, that why I copyright my work. even they can Not reproduce the image for production for the public. This why Im setting up Imagery for David’s use for the general public.

Would also say if they ask about your source, smile and say I don’t think your pockets are deep enough to interest Steven, I have other goals. They have to have something I needed, to interest me. In any kind of commercial public project.

If you are going to try and complete this, you use what’s at hand. to promote this project, of yours which I fully support.

To every thing I do there is a reason

Tactical over view

Business has a few levels

Mainly at this time I use what called NON commercial business. this aloud me certain lee way, Co. business cant use, ZERO dollars in Zero dollars out.

Artist vs. big Co get rapped its a fact bro, So never get your self tie up in anything long term, you always hold all the cards. stander Business practices is the own trys to achieve 60 % of cash intake. If you go out to in restaurant, that owner trys for 60% above all cost as and end result of the day.

Street Level publishing SUXs. it tags you to that LEVEL, and general to support some random fuck ass cause, that they don’t have any idea about or plan.

David’s site dose not fall under street level publishing. Publisher know this, he booked world wide, and is working like a dog, to keep up.

Now that you know, you have to talk to Google, set up a basic dialog. WHILE LOOK at other major publish CO. Once they all know its on.

Use what’s at hand USE David, How do you do this. by opening up a public web space for them. David is promoted, all your work is promoted, it shows a direction, you are going, and how far you come, in such a short time.

I am setting up imagery for David to use and publish, It's a freebee, I don’t expect anything in return, for the use of these imagers, in one his books or for viewing on stage. I'm going to set this usage up for about a year, or longer.

You might want to add to this to promote of your self. I will be talking to *******, about this as well in regards a few of his Images. I'll send him a copy of the Email

I think I may post this EMAIL on site bro.

Be safe my friend

The second this hit Co. lala land what do you all thinks going to happen.
You peaple NEED to WAKE UP
A is for Alpha- from where you came.
O is For Omega- to where your going.
I'll slay U l8rz

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