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I've just watched the whole video ,.... I really do wish I could say I thought it was good.
The basic issues were covered ,... but ..
Too long ...too rambling ... to much time trying to defend against imagined slurs of "racist".

The only direct question from the interviewer at 24 mins "why do western Europeans carry guilt, it doesn't work on Checks " not satisfactorily answered ....The answer is UK in our lifetime has bombed these countries and is still bombing so some have guilt for failing to control our politicians!

No solutions were offered , David's aim seems to be, to want to get a balanced debate on the subject ...It's too late for that..

March on the politicians, arrest the leaders for treason.

Close the borders.

Integrate those already here

That said ....God bless David for getting out there and speaking out ...I continue , as I have done everyday for two months now ,to send prays of protection and support while he and his team are on this tour.
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