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Originally Posted by thedefender View Post
I dont even have a facebook.....I think I had a myspace....but that was years ago and all I did was sign up. I gather they get info from insurance companies and online sites such as amazon and google.
It says somewhere on their site they get their information from different sources - all of them "public". One source they mention are social networking sites - that would be facebook, myspace, and whatever else is out there.

I noticed something else. They keep repeating how it's all done above-board, accessing only "public" information. And then at the top of one of their pages it says, "Uncover personal photos, videos, and secrets ...."


Also talks about how they're experiencing increased surges in traffic. That's the thing right there. People will complain about it, but then tons of people turn around and use it. So what can you do?

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