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Originally Posted by zsymon View Post
I learned that chronological reincarnation is the catalyst of evolution in the
Universe. In the spiritworld, time doesn't really exist.. and it appears to go
much faster in some way I haven't understood yet. What I learned is that in
the spirit world, souls cannot experience their individuality as intently as in
a physical environment.

Only during a physical or semi physical reincarnation can the soul experience
reality in a time that is slowed down enough to be aware of every moment
and learn from it.

To look at the past and the future, and learn from it. I've not completely
understood this concept, I have trouble fully understanding the behaviour
of time in the spirit world, I must admit, but what I know is that souls can
only learn if they are incarnated in a physical or semi physical environment.

Add to that all the scientific research done that has successfully proven
the existence of chronological reincarnation, research done by doctors and
scientists alike.

They went to people that could remember a past life, and if that person did
not have contact with the people of his past life yet, they ask a whole lot
of questions, and then go to the past life family, then there they will check
whether everything the rememberee (?) remembers, checks out.

The most interesting cases are those where the rememberee has marks on
his body that cannot be explained by science.. marks of unknown identity,
like scars, even though the person never got wounded in this life or dark
spots that aren't birthmarks or anything scientists know of.

Then they will try to check the medical records of the person's past life, and
notice how the person died. If the person died of stab wounds, these are the
more easy cases to verify. They take a copy of the victims body and records
and return to the rememberee. Then they will check if the stab wounds are
at the same places as the scars and spots on the person's current body, and
they always are.

There is nothing that can explain this phenomenon except the existence of
chronological reincarnation. Most of the scientists I spoke of ventured out
to disprove the concept of reincarnation, because they didn't understand
why the majority of people in the world believe in it so strongly.

But they all ended up becoming believers. The evidence they found was so
compelling, especially the stab wounds matching exactly with the marks on
the current body, prove that reincarnation is real, and that the rememberee
doesn't just tap into a collective human memory complex.

The memory complex could explain people remembering past lives, but it can
not explain the physical evidence, the only explanation is reincarnation being

Reading up on this subject was most intruiging, I already knew reincarnation
was real simply because my heart connection identifies it as absolute truth,
and there aren't many absolute truths in the Universe. But reading all that
research and those books with the individual cases, showed me that even
the scientific community is starting to realize chronological reincarnation is

Add to that the evidence researchers aqcuired about the consciousness
surviving death, an immortal consciousness so to speak, and consciousness
not originating from the brain, adds even more credibility to the scientists
and doctors reincarnation research.

It's still not a subject that can be scrutinized under a microscope, but the
physical evidence creates an extremely compelling case. If cold scientists,
who used to believe in nothing but science, are persuaded by their own
research to believe in chronological reincarnation, there must be something
to it, no?

Personally I feel reincarnation is one of the solid truths that can be relied
on, a cornerstone, a pillar that sustains the continued evolution of souls in
the Universe, one of the only absolute truths.

That last paragraph is just my view of course, not a fact.
Very nice post Zsymon. Thank you for sharing that. My husband has odd large areas on his back/side that have even, very light brown pigmentation so it looks like someone stained those parts of him with tea. I have always thought they looked like where he had been burned in a past life. He has no memories of it though.
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