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Originally Posted by energi View Post
Why would the infinite consciousness need to do so in the first place? It is infinite.

Infinity =/= acausality

Not saying that this infinite consciousness isn't real, just that our daily life in this illusory place of causal laws is finite, and therefore empowering itself as long as we ascribe it meaning. Infinite consciousness can permeate this universe, just as it can be outside of it and not do so.

One way that David Icke points this out is in the book "Infinite Love..." where it says that not even the laws of gravity are real, they just appear to be so because we think they are (see veil-of-amnesia, holographic reality and so on).
Infinite consciousness just experiences through manifestation , in my theory , awaiting its actualization into identity or manifestation into temporal identity.
So if there are an infinite number of universes where I exist That seed consciousness is witness to all of them. becaue it permeates everything it witnesses or experiences everything. so its not that it needs to its that by its existence it just does.
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