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The Oxford Circus fire occurred on Friday 23 NovEmber 1984 at 9.50pm at Oxford Circus station on the London Underground. Oxford Circus station is in the heart of London's shopping district and is served by 3 deep-level tube lines.. the Bakerloo Line, Central Line and Victoria Line..3 lines are linked by a complex network of tunnels and cross-passages and come to a common booking hall situated beneath the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street..The fire started in a materials store at the south end of the northbound Victoria Line platform, which was being used by contractors working on the modernisation of the station. It gutted the northbound Victoria Line platform tunnel and the passages leading off it.. The adjacent northbound Bakerloo Line platform suffered smoke damage, as did the escalator tunnel and the booking hall. Other areas of the station were undamaged.. The most likely cause of the fire was a smoker discarding smoking materials through a ventilation grille into the materials store, which ignited rags or paint thinner..It’s surprising how many killers return not just to the gravesite but to the scene of the crime. And some killers - the more organized or premeditated type- sometimes even inject themselves into the police investigation to provide bogus information...

At 9.50pm, a station inspector, on duty in the mezzanine level, was told by a passenger of smoke on the platform. He took a piece of wood with him down to the platform, expecting to deal with something smouldering on the track. When he saw that it was the contractors' storage area on fire, he tried to use a telephone in a kiosk nearby, but opening the door of the kiosk released thick smoke that drove him back.. He then retreated and started the evacuation..Oxford Circus station was rapidly evacuated when the fire was discovered, and the London Fire Brigade conducted a sweep of the station which confirmed that all passengers were clear.. The fire alert disrupted the routes of 10 trains on the 3 lines: passengers on 6 of the trains were evacuated at stations and passengers on 4 trains were escorted down the running tunnels to adjacent stations. The last passenger evacuated from these trains left the track at 12.45am. 30 pumps attended the fire, which was declared extinguished just before 3am the next day..The gutted areas of the station had to be completely reconstructed, which in the case of the Victoria Line platform tunnel involved sealing the ends so that the waterproof lining of the platform tunnel could be removed without releasing asbestos fibres into the atmosphere of the Underground. The removal took just over 3 weeks. Passenger services were restarted on the Central Line the following morning. Northbound Bakerloo Line trains were not permitted to stop at the station until 30 November, by which time the access tunnels to the Bakerloo northbound platform had been cleared of fire damage..When they finally commit a crime, it’s like they have a sense of ownership.. It’s an accomplishment and they feel so good about what they’ve done that they have to keep it going, like some athlete in his 40s who’s always pulling out an old scrapbook.. Cambridge 5 were a Ring of spies, Recruited in part by Soviet Scout in the UK, who passed info to the Soviet Union during World War II and at least into the early 1950s...
Assassins are notorious for keeping news clips.. Assassin-Type Personalities will keep diaries because they have trouble communicating with others so they feel much more comfortable writing out their thoughts, plans, goals or fantasies...A similar incident occurred on 18 November 1987 at King's Cross St. Pancras tube station when it was concluded as probable that a passenger had dropped a lit match onto an escalator.. The resulting fire killed 31 people. Due to the extensive damage caused by the fire, it took over a year to repair and reopen the station; the Northern Line platforms and the escalators from the ticket hall to the Piccadilly Line remained closed until 5 March 1989..The pancreas is an endocrine organ that lies in the abdomen, specifically the upper, left abdomen. It is found behind the stomach, with the head of the pancreas surrounded by the duodenum. The pancreas is typically 5.75-9.5 cm long..1st underground station at King's Cross opened as part of the original section of the Metropolitan Railway in 1863 and was rearranged in 1868 and 1926. New platforms for the sub-surface lines of the Underground were opened about 400 m (440 yd) to the west in 1941 to make interchanging between the sub-surface lines and the tube lines easier; the 1868 platforms later became the former King's X Thameslink station..Between crimes - often while targeting future victims - they’ll pull out their trophies and just sit back in their La-Z Boy chairs and relive the crime over and over in their Great Northern minds..Piccadilly and Brompton Railway platforms opened with the rest of the line in December 1906, while the City & South London Railway (C&SLR, now part of the Northern line) arrived in May 1907..The superior margin of pancreas is blunt and flat to the right; narrow and sharp to the left, near the tail..In 2005 a business case was prepared to re-open the disused York Road tube station on the Piccadilly line, to serve the Kings Cross Central development and help relieve congestion at King's Cross St Pancras.. York Road station closed in 1932 and was about 600 m (660 yd) north of King's Cross St Pancras..It commences on the right in the omental tuberosity, and is in relation with the celiac artery, from which the hepatic artery courses to the right just above the gland, While the lienal artery runs toward...'s see,3 times 35 - is a 105.. I'll bet you 105,000 Madges -Badges We ain't got no foooking Badges.. We don't need no badges.. I don't have to show you any stinking badges..That was when I took him for an ordinary human being, not part Goat..You 2 Guys mustapha been born in a Revival Meeting...

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