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I'd say David Icke is largely a collator and assimilator of other people's research and it takes a lot of the donkey work off your own shoulders because he himself has actually gone out there and done it for himself and passed it on to you. Dangerous in itself if you, yourself, have not read his primary source material by which to make up your own mind. I'll give him his due, in that it's all cross referenced in his books if you want to research further on your own via his heftty bibliographies...ironic that, given that he's supposedly a non-academic, he's probably now deserving of an honorary Phd. from somewhere.

I was aware of some of the areas of his exposes before, but my no means all of them.

It still, however, remains David Ickes's personal journey owing to his intensely private spiritual encounters. Mine or yours may be very different. He says as much in his books. But the fact that it has struck a chord with so many says something (the hits on this site run into colossal figures - stats Gareth ?) and maybe elicits from others untapped areas of new discovery which is no bad thing. I'm nobody's disciple and that includes David Icke, though his work is very engaging.

Neither is he unique, if you wish to feel resonance then go no further than Speaker's Corner in London's Hyde Park, I've witnessed some very convincing ones declaiming on every subject under the sun, not to mention an assortment of screwballs and fruitloops who nontheless believe in what they're doing. In China they have them shot. In UK they get sent to the park...

But yes, there is a potential danger in falling for anything and everything which falls tantalisingly outside 'the norm' in shaping a convincing alternative universal construct whether its UFOs, crop circles or Reptiles. I have still never seen the latter and can only take his word for it, but as raised earlier on this thread by the OP I sometimes wonder if David takes the word of others too readily sometimes ? Has he ever been caught out/misled (and owned up to it) I wonder ?

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