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Simon Peter had a sword...
Huge oil and gas reserves are being uncovered by melting polar ice-caps, placing greater strategic importance on the Arctic region...During the 1950s the Royal Marine Cliff Assault Wing formed to train Marines in rock climbing and cliff assault techniques.. Elite training of Cliff Leaders in the late 1950s required rocky landings from various small craft (kayaks, Zodiacs and other motorized assault craft) often in heavy seas onto the Cornish coast, and rapid tactical ascents and descent of the vertical faces..This skill set was necessary for exposing all trainees during the last week of the commando (green beret) course...These demonstrations were discontinued after Captain Antony Easterbrook, a 31-year-old member of the Cadre, fell to his darth during a display in Madison Square Garden in 1960, a swimmer canoeist who specialised as a PT instructor..By nature I think I’m adventurous, and I know I’ve always been disobedient...

Ice Breaking Warfare..

The Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre featured in the 1985 BBC TV documentary series Behind the Lines..During the Falklands War the staff and students formed 2 patrol groups and were engaged in direct action alongside other Brigade assets, such as the Skirmish at Top Malo House..Captain Rod Boswell of the Royal Marines Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre and 18 of his men undertook the task which originated from a report made on 27 May by a four-man patrol from the Cadre sited in an observation post (OP) on Bull Hill..The four man patrol had established the OP on 21 May as one of a number of small reconnaissance teams who were the eyes and ears of the Brigade...

The Prophecy - Gabriel & Simon..

The helicopters flew off in the direction of Mount Simon; however, the sergeant commanding the team believed that the aircraft had probably dropped off Argentine Special Forces on the lower slopes of Mount Simon..On the evening of 30 May Captain Boswell received a message from one of the patrols, that they had just seen 2 Argentine UH-1 helicopters deliver a patrol of about 16 men at Top Malo House, a deserted shepherd's house just 400 metres (440 yd) from their position..2 hours after dawn Boswell ordered his men to fix bayonets and then commenced the engagement by firing a green flare into the air..After the battle Captain Boswell's comment to the Argentine Commander was: "Never in a house..."..Unknown to the British the entire assault had been watched by members of Red de Observadores del Aire or ROA on Malo Hill and Mount Simon..The slopes of Wickham Heights feature numerous stone runs, some of them extending up to 5 km..They form the "spine" of the East Falkland, north of Lafonia..Charles Darwin surveyed the area's wildlife during his now-famous voyage on HMS Beagle..Other settlements include Port King, Egg Harbour and the abandoned Hope Place..In the 21st century, Lafonia has seen gold prospecting by Falkland Gold and Minerals Ltd..The area is now home to an Argentine Military Cemetery.. must be new here.. In time, most of us join the enemy..against ourselves..Is he in for treatment?..2 - Not yet..Pity..interesting subject..I should like to know his breaking point...

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