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Arrow Riding the Bullet

Innovation Film..
The 2011 Helmand Province incident was the killing, on 15 September 2011, of an injured Taliban insurgent by Royal Marines..The incident took place in Helmand Province during Operation Herrick 14, part of the British effort in the War in Afghanistan.. Blackman, of 42 Commando, Royal Marines, was part of a Marine patrol that came across an Afghan fighter in a field wounded by Apache Helicopter gunfire...

"You would be incredibly naive to think (the Bloodgate stigma) will ever disappear completely. Things like that don't.. They become part of history and, like good or bad seasons, are woven into the fabric of any club...

Mrs Blackman went to Downing Street to deliver a letter..

The legal proceedings relating to the Marines garnered widespread British public and media attention..In September 2015 Colonel Oliver Lee, commanding officer of 45 Commando, resigned in protest at the treatment of Blackman..

September 5 – India and Bangladesh sign a pact to end their 40-year border demarcation dispute/7-Weather conditions at Tunoshna Airport were described as good, with a wind from 360° , with significant stratocumulus clouds at a lower limit-Fatalities 44\8 –Darth Võ Chí Công, 5th President of Vietnam (b. 1912)/10 – The MV Spice Islander I, carrying at least 800 people, sinks off the coast of Zanzibar, killing 240 people– Darth Cliff Robertson, American actor (b. 1923)-Robertson was President John F. Kennedy's personal choice-to play him ..He becomes obsessed with death, and believing he is losing his girlfriend Jessica\11 –Darth Andy Whitfield, Welsh actor and model (b. 1972)/12 – Approximately 100 people die after a petrol pipeline explodes in Nairobi-The Independent Commission on Banking recommended that British banks should separate their retail banking divisions from investment banking arms to safeguard against riskier banking activities-Bernard Hogan-Howe was named as the new Commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police\14– UK unemployment rose by 80,000 to 2.51 million/15 – The Fixed-term Parliaments Act is passed\16– Four miners died in Gleision Colliery tragedy, 1 of 3 privately owned coal mines still surviving in the South Wales Coalfield/17 – Occupy Wall Street protests begin in the United States\19 – With 434 dead, the UN launches a $357 million appeal for victims of the 2011 Sindh floods in Pakistan–Darth George Cadle Price, 1st Prime Minister of Belize/20– The UK's first commercial hydrogen filling station opened in Swindon – Darth Burhanuddin Rabbani, President of Afghanistan\ 21– An energy firm which had been test drilling for controversial "shale gas" in Lancashire said it had found vast gas resources underground/22 - CERN scientists announce their discovery of neutrinos breaking the speed of light\26– Labour Party delegates voted to scrap the tradition of Shadow Cabinet elections at their annual conference in Liverpool/29–UK's Department for Transport announced a consultation process on raising the motorway speed limit in England and Wales to 80 mph\30 - Darth Anwar al-Awlaki, American-born terrorist and Islamist militant (b. 1971)-A Yemeni judge ordered that he be captured "dead or alive - killed by a CIA-led drone strike in Yemen-Ralph M. Steinman, Canadian Nobel immunologist and cell biologist (b. 1943)-He never made it as an artist, but he does go to the theme park every summer in memory of his mother... month you will prepare a report of a meeting that we will never have.. In it you'll describe how well I'm doing..Oh, can I call you Lisbeth?.I want you to help me catch a killer of women...

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