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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
If there's a flaw in this reasoning please point it out because I just don't see it.
If Stephen Hawking were still whizzing around, or if any other dogmatic materialist read and responded to this, I suppose the only counter argument they could muster is that there is a purely mathematical realm, or a platonic realm, that exists outside of space and time that debunks the assertion that the mind is creating reality in the way I described.

But now who is talking 'woo'?

The thing with materialists is that they scoff at the notion that there is a paranormal or spiritual dimension to existence (which is only a 3-D intuition and/or experience of 4-D reality or higher), yet are perfectly comfortable believing in the objective, independent reality of an intangible, purely mathematical realm that is 2-D or lower.

Believing in 'woo' is considered acceptable and natural when it is directed downwards in the dimensions towards number-crunching, mental fragmentation and an increasing constriction and reliance on technological control by a scientism priesthood. But it is utterly taboo when it looks upwards and understands that the mind is limitlessly open-ended and the source of all reality.

"Shut up and calculate" as the saying goes.

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