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Originally Posted by wingwang View Post
Continuing in the same blurting vein, could it be said 2D could be expressed by numbers? Thus arguably 1D! Then there's the invention of zero. Yes, nothingness! Zero was invented, btw!
Yeah, I'm thinking it can be expressed by numbers, but an expression is a representation, not the actual thing. It is a mental abstraction.

Fairyprincess got me thinking about this in another thread by observing that a 2-D diagram on a sheet of paper isn't really 2-D, because of the 3-D nature of the paper.

Sheet of paper under electron microscope:

A right angle drawn on such a surface is ink saturating a 3-Dimensional landscape, and is only a mental representation of 2-Dimensional reality in a 3-Dimensional one.

The same could be said of a 2-D shape rendered on a computer screen.

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