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Originally Posted by vorwahr View Post
Ukip are a bloody disgrace how they ever got a vote I will never know even the thickest ****
Would want to know why tbey were worth voting for and not just take a smarmy politicians word for anything ,
In every interview ukip policies have been torn apart and ukip have wiggled out of responsibility because tbey haven't got a manifesto worth a fuck to be held accountable to .

You lot just elected the equivalent of a blank cheque imho .
Totally agree.

Very few voters actually understand what ukip's policies are - they just see the immigration tag that they have been manipulated into seeing by the media and don't see the far right political stance that ukip will bring to the table - a stance that will hike income tax, limit freedoms, limit rights and prohibit equality, extend taxation through the privatization of the NHS and charges to see GP's.

UKIP policy is frightening. Their unofficial homophobic position that the bad weather is due to gays getting married, that they opposed gay marriage and focus heavily on genetic right over human rights is fucking appalling - and these people are getting votes, predominantly, because the entire political arena has been engineered to create an opposing vote to the mainstream party lines while ignoring / sidestepping far right Nazi view points and usher in a frightening doctorate - create enough smoke and mirrors and the people won't see the misdirection.

i can't believe that people have been so fucking thick to fall for it.
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