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Originally Posted by grannie27 View Post
UKIP has not released its 2015 manifesto yet have none of the other main parties ....have SNP ?

I imagine a lot of changes are now being made to many parties policies as we type ,based of the success of UKIP....
The unelected EU gobshites must be shitting themselves right now ....Europe has spoken ..not just the UK

No more EU slaves .....the game is up ,the project is doomed .
Oh c'mon ,
They have a 2014 manifesto it would surely be that one people based their votes on .
Ok what's ukips policies on Eu then what do tbey promise to do there ?

It's always the same , wriggling out of answering questions
the snp btw drew up a huge white paper on Indy
And their 2014 manifesto is online fot all to see as is ukips

Maybe you can tell me why Scots ukip voters decide d on ukip when ukip called Scots subsidy scroungers ,
And you yourself Sid in a post on thesibject of Scots Indy 'u hope the bloody doordoesnt hit purposes on the way put "
Such respect for ukip brothers north of the border
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