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Originally Posted by phreaky View Post
That's what I thought when you started arguing against me with things I hadn't said.
Then perhaps he can step down as leader because he seems to have failed in this somewhat easily achievable ambition.
The point is he wanted change and has created change .....what do you not understand ??? He is not some Power mad school boy ...Who wants to win at any cost ....

He could of thrown the Paedophile headlines connected to ALL three parties in the attacks from the MSM ...but NO he did not ..he took the high road and stayed on the debate about the EU and unchecked immigration. That my friend is Class ....

I imagine something you have no idea about ....

You started this claiming they wanted to privitize the NHS ,I gave you a Video link to the UKIP person in charge of this policy..who clearly states they do NOT want to privatize the NHS ..
in fact they want FREE DENTAL CARE ,FREE EYE TESTING ...etc but you never got back to me on that subject ......

Conversation over ...I dont do "Moron"
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