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Originally Posted by abrett44 View Post

Quetzalcoatl was what? A reptile.

The phaeroes of Egypt adorned their hats with what? A snake.

The Chinese worship what? The dragon.

The Adam and eve story involves what? A talking, walking, serpent.

In Revelation, the devil is described as what? Dragon, Serpent.

I could post many more videos of shapeshifting and talk about many more examples of Reptile worship and certain religions adversity towards reptiles if you'd like.
And at the risk of angering you; not one piece of what you wrote comes even close to qualifying as proof.

If I show you a moving picture of an exorcism, would you undeniably, irrevocably, unquestioningly belive in demons?

If I told gave you a book that described how the moon was made of cheese, would you undeniably, irrevocably, unquestioningly belive it was?
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