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Originally Posted by blackyblue View Post
Kuzgé – [Year of] Saravana - Mouse
Shiger (Syger) – Artom (Taurus)
Kuman (Imén)
Ügur – Tiger, Myachè Ügur – Tiger
Taushan – Rabbit
Samar – Dragon Birgün (Bergen, Birig, Baradj) – Dragon
Dilan – Snake
Tykha – Horse
Téké – Sheep
Bichin, Michin – Monkey
Tavuk – Rooster, Hen (also written tağuk—ğ is pronounced as v in Turk. verbs döğmek and öğmek)
It – Dog
Shushma – Pig

Well straight away i can debunk your use of the chinese dragon.

Look above at the Chinese animals that the chinese worship. There are 13 of them and 12 of them are REAL animals still alive today. Yet, they have a 13th animal which is an extinct mythological shapeshifting monster? why would the chinese worship 12 real animals and one mythological extinct one? well im sorry to burst your bubble, but it is no such thing and has nothing to do with shapeshifting reptilians...It is the komodo dragon!!
You obviously have never studied chinese culture. Research the legend of the five dragon brothers.
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