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Originally Posted by 1ndividua1 View Post
Could be lying, or even deluded

Way too easy to manipulate with software

Just because someone writes somethting in a book doesn't make it true.

There are another three possibilities. 1. You are intentionally practising deceit, 2. You are genuine in your claims, but are mistaken as to what you actually saw, 3. You are desperate to see this stuff, so you delude yourself into seeing this stuff

Edit: Yes, that is very common. "Everyone who has seen this is hallucinating. Every video is a hoax." Didn't they say that about UFO's for a long time as well. Don't UFO's break the common laws of physics as we know it with their speed and change of direction based on their size? And yet, that does not make them unreal. So, what conclusion do I come to from this? The laws of physics as known in mainstream science can not possibly be true, since UFO's do not follow those "laws."
I can't see how anyone can uphold an intelligent conversation about there being reptiles masquerading as real people.
If you are quesioning my intelligence I made a 34 on my ACT and 99.9th percentile on every standardized test I took in school except maybe a few. Of course, I can't prove that to you (except the ACT part cause I have documentation), but it is not a matter of intelligence, it is only a matter of recognizing the universe for what it is.

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