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Originally Posted by 1ndividua1 View Post
Fail. Massive.

People making the claims are the ones who need to come up with the proof, not those who disbelieve. The onus is on 'believers' not non believers.

Think about it, how can I give you proof there are no zebras in the sun controlling our destiny?
There is no burden of faith - i'm sure this point has been raised elsewhere.

You can either believe or do not believe, it's up to you.

Those who do believe, who accept the masses of historical documentation don't actually care if you believe in reptilians or not - therefore they have no burden of proof.

The evidence is oit there if you wish to search for it, and if you have searched, and still attest that the reptilian theory has no merit, then that is fine. Each to their own, no biggie - and certainly no burden of proof
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