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Lightbulb The Price of Coal

Set in a Yorkshire coal mine..
Poor maintenance of the mines is a major factor behind frequent accidents..Once underground, the only way a miner can communicate with the outside world is by using an intercom..

Don't bull me, man..I got the right number..This is Shaft..

Meet the People dealing with preparations for an official visit to the colliery by Prince Charles..The humour revolves around the expensive and ludicrous preparations required for an official visit from a member of the Royal Family.. Some workers recognise this and cannot take it seriously.. Mangerment recognises it but has to 'play the game'.. Special toilets must be constructed "just in case" and destroyed after the visit..Back to Reality, takes place a month later and deals with an underground explosion that kills several miners and follows the attempts to rescue others that remain trapped..Original release 5 April 77... civilization is complicated, in the first place, because it is dynamic; that is, it is constantly changing in the passage of time, until it has perished..This has been a tremendous help to me as a person and as a historian, although it must be admitted it has served to make my historical interpretations less conventional than may be acceptable of many of my colleagues in the field concerned very largely with the study of the solar and astronomical periodicities...

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