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Originally Posted by decode reality View Post
There's a lot of good around and it's easy to overlook it. That's not to overlook the chaos and double dealing either. As you alluded to, there are both states.

There isn't a great deal that can be done to turn around anyone who is committed to a path of destruction and conflict,...whoever they are, whatever their motivation is, be they upper echelon or Joe Bloggs. All that can be done is to offer a better alternative if possible - but be smart, and make sure that those people don't visit their destruction and conflict on you!
Some people aren't won over by love or reason.
In my line of business I always put out the feelers by advertising my wares and specialities, over the years I have had both types through my hands but after they have gone away from here they have an alternative with which to ponder over.

All trade and work we encounter is done by their hands not mine, I work along side them and they learn the ropes, hopefully but surely they get the job done because they want to, this is where I use the term helping those who want to help themselves from.

To date all have done what they intended to get done, bar one, that one is still on the take from whoever will put up with him and will never go anywhere because he has a one track mind on either scrounging or taking what is not his, this is why these people will never have anything and are best avoided at all costs, but do try to help at least once, even if for one day.
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