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I was under the impression that beer and wine were drunk often in the past because safe water could not always be guaranteed. Also, all the nutrients in beer make it a bit of a meal too.

I dont think the masses have necessairly been dubmed down but have often been put into a position where any sort of reaction to people in power could end up with death, imprisonment, isolation, loss of wealth and property, etc, etc. People can know a lot of things but be in a position to do nothing about their knowledge. The average person knows that the ruling elite are nothing but greedy, controlling, scum bags who only seek to gain control and wealth at the expensse of the working class. They can do little about it so dont make a massive fuss.
I shoot up vertically like an arrow, and become that Above. But it is death, and the flame of the pyre. Ascend in the flame of the pyre, O my soul! Thy God is like the cold emptiness of the utmost heaven, into which thou radiatest thy little light.
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