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Originally Posted by gary29 View Post
I'm curious, I've seen many posts on here stating that it is impossible to be racist against Jews because Judaism is a religion, not a race. As all of those people were Communists, and therefore atheists (opiate of the masses and all that jazz), how can they be Jewish?
Most of the people that identify themselves as "Jewish" today have very little, if any, actual Semitic DNA. Most of them are the descendants of Eastern Europeans in what was known as the Khazarian Empire that converted to Judaism around 740 A.D. They mostly practice Judaism as a form of 'secular traditionalism' as opposed to an actual religion per se.
Since the vast bulk of the "Jews" that are Zionist today are not genetically Semitic, nor practice Judaism religiously, that's a really good question.

The "Jews" responsible for the "Russian" Govt that Putin speaks of were atheist, non-religious, secular practitioners of Judaism from the Caucasus region and had very little, if any, Semitic DNA. It would be very disingenuous to label Putin as an Anti-Semite because of this.

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