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Ah, but when your aim is to control all media, alter all truth, change history via forbidden to be published books so that the only story that remains is your story; then?
When all that is allowed to be taught and all propaganda is yours, then?
When the only health products and teaching are yours, then?

How do you think the bible came about?

Many peoples have true history - seek and you will find these.

The hi-story of the Hely land, not holy land, is truly examined, then the surface of the truth can be seen.

Keep digging!

The ‘you’ that exists beyond these stubborn entanglements is a silent, serene, being-ness; a free, wise and child-like ‘you’ that has always known the way to the secret garden, and that has always recognised the nature beings with whom we share this gracious planet.

Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed oponent!
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