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Originally Posted by B3LI3V3 View Post
The question the OP should be asking is not if we will except aliens but if the aliens will allow any full-blooded humans to live after they take over the earth completely.

The hybridisation project has already begun, and they may end up totally phasing out the full-blooded human genome, and replace us with alien-human hybrids.

The question is will there even be any real humans left in the end, or will there only be hybrids in the brave new world?

Will the hybrids even know their true history, that there were once humans walking this planet? Will they even know they are hybrids?

Most importantly, can you guys tell the difference between the humans and the hybrids walking among us?!

Most people can't, and that means they won't realise that they're are being bred out of existence because they can't recognise that they're being replaced by something different to them.
B3LI3V3 and others, have you followed Alex Collier's updates lately? The situation on Earth is not so bad at the moment.

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